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Coming on 22/04 | announced on:

genre(s): first-person shooter / adventure

A single-player VR adventure game with shooter, survival and horror elements from the developer of Paradox of Hope. THe game set up in Chernokamensk exclusion zone and comes to early access on STEAM.


Big Shots

Coming on 24/04 | announced on:

genre(s): mech / arcade / action

A co-op mech roguelite VR game, where your task is build around rising to the top as a mech pilot in and facing off against extraterrestrial enemies, earn enhancements, and construct an unbeatable mech to conquer Earth.



Retropolis 2

Coming on 25/04 | announced on:

genre(s): story-driven / narrative

A sequel for original story-driven VR narrative game classic point-and-click-like adventure with immersive cinematography

Meta Quest PC VR (STEAM)


Coming on 25/04 | announced on:

genre(s): exploration / space

A mixed reality adventure right in your room, which is magically transformed into a spaceship, ready to launch you on a mission to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos. From the creators of Spheres

Meta Quest

Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending

Coming on 25/04 | announced on:

genre(s): humor / bar simulator

Intergalactic bartender simulator, where your primary task would be to create original drinks from wide range of ingredients to impress your customers and invent bizarre beverages for your customers.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2)

Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR

Coming in April'24 | announced on:

genre(s): story-rich / horror / exploration

Another suspense of a horror game with time-travel elements, exclusively coming to PS VR2. Immerse yourself in a gripping storyline centered around an alternate version of the Apollo 13 expedition to the Moon.

PS Store (PSVR2)

EA Sports WRC

Coming in April'24 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / rally

Experience the ultimate thrill of creating your dream car in EA SPORTS™ WRC, the largest rally game to date. Updated version of official WRC videogame is expertly crafted by the talented team behind the DiRT Rally series and comes with PC VR support shortly after the release.


Zero Caliber 2

Coming on 01/05 | announced on:

genre(s): first person shooter / action

A sequel to popular PC VR first person shooter game with single player and co-op support, tons of weapons and cinematic action.


Contractors Showdown

Coming in Spring'2024 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / battle royale

Virtual reality battle royale shooter crafted by the talented creators of tactical VR game "Contractors". Immerse yourself in intense firefights and strategic gameplay in a stunning VR environment.

Meta Quest

Laser Dance

Coming in Early'24 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / mixed reality

A new mixed reality puzzle game build over avoiding lasers in your room and reaching the button in the end. From the creators of Cubism

HeliSquad: Covert Operations

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): helicopter simulator

A combat helicotper simulator from the creators of Warplanes: WW1 Fights and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

Ancient Board Games

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / co-op

A possibility to play ancient board games in your virtual reality headset

Spatial Ops

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): augmented reality / multiplayer shooter

An augmented reality multiplayer shooter for massive local multiplayer from creators of Blaston and Demeo. Open beta is available in SideQuest.

SideQuest Open Beta

Aces of Thunder

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / aerial combat

Realistic aerial combat simulator from the creators of War Thunder, exclusively for PS VR2


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / sandbox

A sci-fi open-world sandbox action game with adventure elements and some vibes of Blade Runner. You need to patrol streets of the future as a cop and fight with the crime.


Ultimate Swing Golf

Coming on 16/05 | announced on:

genre(s): golf / simulator / sports

Another VR golf simulator with touch controllers support and realistic shot mechanics. Developers promised training, free play and challenge modes on launch and online mode with up to 4 player support.

Meta Quest


Coming on 16/05 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / parkur

A story-mode released as a stand-alone game in the universe of fast-paced shooting action game with parkour mechanics inspired by Mirror's Edge series

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2)


Coming in AppLab | announced on:

genre(s): sandbox / multiplayer

A sandbox-styled game inspired with Roblox from the developers of No More Rainbows. Zero-coding approach and focus on physics is used to "build, play and share" different worlds

Tank Arena: Ultimate League

Coming on 23/05 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / tanks

Introducing a thrilling 4vs4 PvP co-op multiplayer strategic tank battle game that pays homage to the iconic tanks of the first gaming consoles. Immerse yourself in intense tank warfare with the added bonus of social integration and cockpit view support. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Meta Quest
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Echo VR: resurrected legend

A technical and mental masterpiece for coop-multiplayer challenges between real people around the world. High entry threshold but mind-blowing fun for those few, who learn to play


Cute first-person platformer with funny character, elastic-like physics and vivid words and challenging parkour puzzles