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Consortium VR (Remastered)

Coming on 21/05 | announced on:

genre(s): narrative / detective / story rich

Immerse yourself in a gripping murder mystery set on a futuristic aircraft, complete with a surprising narrative twist. Use own voice to make crucial decisions and influence relationships, navigateing through the storyline.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest



Coming on 22/05 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / rally / simulator

New VR racing franchise with realistic physics and impressive visuals, build around racing on customizable buggy offroad vehicles. Game features single-player and multiplayer modes.


Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story

Coming on 23/05 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / exploration / adventure

A sequel to 'DO NOT OPEN' horror game, build from the scratch exclusively as immersive VR experience. Your task is to explore a cursed mansion and meet face-to-face your fears.


Kid Pilot

Coming on 23/05 | announced on:

genre(s): flight arcade / adventure

Arcade flight game with different vivid worlds, where you try mastering the skies with the simple motion of your hands. Demo will appear on ucpoming's STEAM Next Fest.


Tank Arena: Ultimate League

Coming on 23/05 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / tanks

Introducing a thrilling 4vs4 PvP co-op multiplayer strategic tank battle game that pays homage to the iconic tanks of the first gaming consoles. Immerse yourself in intense tank warfare with the added bonus of social integration and cockpit view support. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Meta Quest


Coming on 25/05 | announced on:

genre(s): phobias simulator

A VR game where you have to beat your phobias like coming face to face with spiders, scary clowns, and more... And you always can hit "Nope" button to gave up and escape from this hell.

Meta Quest


Coming on 27/05 | announced on:

genre(s): endless runner

Indulge in the ultimate display of skill with this runner game, specifically crafted for Apple Vision Pro. Put your reflexes to the test as you guide Hank through his very first comic adventure, evading the grips of the nefarious Overlord.

The Exorcist: Legion VR

Coming on 28/05 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / story rich

A comprehensive compilation featuring all FIVE chapters of the highly praised VR adventure inspired by The Exorcist franchise. Immerse yourself in a thrilling journey filled with demons and make your way with your darkest fears.

PS Store (PSVR2) Meta Quest PC VR (STEAM) Pico Store

Mudrunner VR

Coming on 30/05 | announced on:

genre(s): simulation / off-road / sandbox

Discover the off-road in a new VR adaptation of the legendary flat game. Immerse yourself in the realistic physics as you complete challenging objectives, all while carefully managing your fuel and avoiding vehicle damage.

Meta Quest

F1 24

Coming on 31/05 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / simulator

Another re-release of famous EA racing series game with VR support on PC platform. Developers highlighted new dynamic handling with more authentic feel. This will allow players to personalize driving to their own style.


Escape Simulator VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): co-op / escape room / puzzle

Escape room experience with co-op up to 8 players with different puzzle mechanics, exploration and investigation gameplay


The Burst

Coming in Q2'2024 | announced on:

genre(s): first person shooter

A sci-fi VR shooter, set up in a futuristic post-apocalyptic prison and containing a battle, low-gravity, parkour and hook mechanics, with wide range of weapons and interactive environment.


VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flighting / simulation / sports

A flighting simulator game with realistic physics, photogrammetry locations and support of Multiplayer and Single player modes from the creators of Ven VR Adventure

Supersonic Fight

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / multiplayer

New combat flight simulator with HOTAS and optional VR support, inspired by the classic Amiga game F/A-18. Game offers single-player and multiplayer modes.


Taskmaster VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): task simulator / arcade

A creative and funny game about completing wide range of funny, serious, creative and other kinds of tasks, limited by time and your imagination.


Astro Hunters

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): sci-fi

A mystery sci-fi game with original scenario and promising visuals set up on alien planet.


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): blacksmith simulator / adventure

A weapon smithing simulator, that allows you to try yourself in a role of town's blacksmith. Full-length campaign, where you have to use your mastership to fulfil incoming warrior's requests

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest

Attack on Titan VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure

Story-rich game fast-paced action adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world with single and co-op modes

Meta Quest


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): sandbox / multiplayer

A sandbox-styled game inspired with Roblox from the developers of No More Rainbows. Zero-coding approach and focus on physics is used to "build, play and share" different worlds

Meta AppLab

Agent Simulator

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter

A Superhot VR and Matrix movie inspired fast-paced action game, where your primary task is killing agents in slo-mo enviornment and with special abilities. Game consists of short chapters and upgrade system.

Meta AppLab https://store.steampowered.com/app/1708050/Agent_Simulator

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire

Coming on 01/06 | announced on:

genre(s): action / horror

Single player horror action game, build around slaying vampires and other undead. From the developers of Among Us VR and I Expect You to Die series

Meta Quest


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / multiplayer

Fast-paced team shooter with focus on original weapon system

Tin Hearts

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / narrative

A narrative puzzle game with cute characters and mechanics set up in lovely enviornments, early released on PC VR and on flat gaming platofms.



Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / multiplayer

A co-op PvP arena shooter letting you build new areas of a map


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): board game / rpg

A tabletop Virtual Reality RPG co-op multiplayer game with 5 free DLCs included and compatible to Quest and PC VR platforms.

STEAM Quest Rift Pico Store PS Store (PSVR2)


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / first-person shooter

A horror action shooter experience with impressive environments and scary creatures, build for Quest and already available for beta testing

Rocking Legend

Coming on 12/06 | announced on:

genre(s): music / rhythm

Unleash your inner rockstar by shredding on the guitar or smashing the drums! A Guitar Legend-like VR adventure with original soundtrack and custom songs support leaving it's Early Access (since 2020) for it's full release


Laser Dance

Coming in Early'24 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / mixed reality

A new mixed reality puzzle game build over avoiding lasers in your room and reaching the button in the end. From the creators of Cubism

HeliSquad: Covert Operations

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): helicopter simulator

A combat helicotper simulator from the creators of Warplanes: WW1 Fights and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

Ancient Board Games

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / co-op

A possibility to play ancient board games in your virtual reality headset

Spatial Ops

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): augmented reality / multiplayer shooter

An augmented reality multiplayer shooter for massive local multiplayer from creators of Blaston and Demeo. Open beta is available in SideQuest.

SideQuest Open Beta

Aces of Thunder

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / aerial combat

Realistic aerial combat simulator from the creators of War Thunder, exclusively for PS VR2


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / sandbox

A sci-fi open-world sandbox action game with adventure elements and some vibes of Blade Runner. You need to patrol streets of the future as a cop and fight with the crime.


Gunman Contracts Stand Alone

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter

Originally a Half-Life: Alyx mod, that is made as a separate game. An action-movie inspired shooter, where you play as a hitman, hunting for it's targets with firearms. VR and Non-VR versions announced

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Really impressive and stylish PS VR2 roguelike exclusive, which intensively uses all unique features of PS VR2 (including eye tracking, adaptive triggers and headset vibration)