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Exit 8 VR

Coming on 14/07 | announced on:

genre(s): walking simulator / puzzle

The Exit 8 is a short walking simulator inspired by Japanese underground passageways, liminal spaces and back rooms. Your task is to pay attention to details, that will help you to find the exit from this place.

Meta Quest PC VR (STEAM)


Sky Climb

Coming on 17/07 | announced on:

genre(s): platformer

Funny platformer with cartoonish graphics, single/multiplayer support, 65 exhilarating levels, authentic locomotion-like movement system and customizable characters.

Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2)

Yeeps: Hide and Seek

Coming on 18/07 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / hide'n'seek

Hide and seek game combining parkour and authentic movement mechanics, wrapped in cartoonish graphics and online multiplayer core.

Meta Quest

Brazen Blaze

Coming on 18/07 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / action / shooter

Multiplayer 3v3 smack & shoot VR action with a heavy focus on close quarter melee combat from the developers of Tokyo Chronos


Attack on Titan VR

Coming on 23/07 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / fight / sandbox

Fast-paced action adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world with single and co-op modes, build around defeating giant titans

Meta Quest


Coming on 25/07 | announced on:

genre(s): rhythm / abstract / music

A new game from the author of very popular rhythm abstract game THUMPER for very wide range of platforms including PC VR and Quest. Also planned to be released as flat and VR versions

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest AppStore

Chrono Weaver

Coming in June'24 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / puzzle / time

A captivating single-player co-op experience that takes players on a thrilling journey through time and space. As you navigate through challenging puzzles, working alongside multiple versions of yourself in amazing mysterious world

Meta AppLab PC VR (STEAM)

Teahouse of Souls

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): relax / story

Relaxing VR game, build around listening to various souls and serving the appropriate tea. Cute companion included :) Free PC VR demo is already available on STEAM


Sand and Hand

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): indie / sand simulator

Relaxing indie sand simulator build around painting pictures with sand and making manual post-processing with your hands :)

Atlas Endgames

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / battle-royale

Another VR battle-royale game with wide variety of weapons and squad-based mechanics, already available on Meta Applab

Meta Quest

Inter Solar 83

Coming in Q1'24 | announced on:

genre(s): space / exploration

A space exploration game with procedurally generated universe and narrative/story elements. Free demo version available now on STEAM!


Final Fury

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / multiplayer

Multiplayer fighting game with original combo system and stylized graphics from the creators of Synth Rider


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): roguelite / first person

A surreal VR rogue-lite hack and slash action game with cartoonish-style visuals and melee combat, that is already available on AppLab.

Meta AppLab PC VR (STEAM)

Silent North

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer shooter / zombie

An open world survival horror game with zombie-like enemies and MMO elements from the creators of Ghosts of Tabor

Tomb Explorer VR

Coming in Feb'23 | announced on:

genre(s): exploration / adventure

An adventure game set up in Lost City, where you have to explore secrets of ancient ruins and tombs in search of historical treasures, relics and artifacts.


Timeless Heart VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): roguelite

A narrative-focused VR roguelite action game and second entry in the Timeless Stories series.


Metro Awakening VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): story-rich / action / narrative

A narrative story-rich shooter game in Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro post-apocalyptic universe, build from scratch exclusively for VR by developers of Arizona Sunshine and After The Fall

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2)

Masters of Light

Coming in Spring'24 | announced on:

genre(s): hand tracking / adventure

Hand tracking action adventure game, where you use your superpowers to fight against shadows and darkness of the galaxy. 36 levels and controller support, 5 different superpowers and more features

Meta Quest


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): sports / humor

Funny soccer-like VR game about cats with jumping elements and funny gameplay mechanics. Game is announced as free-to-play project and is being developed by studio bring us Pixel Ripped

Meteora: The Race Against Space Time

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): space / racing / sci-fi

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the universe in this arcade combat racing game infused with intergalactic sci-fi vibes. Assume the role of a meteor, where your mission is to obliterate rival meteors traversing the vast expanses of the galaxy.

Zombie Army VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / story-driven

Zombie Army franchise makes its debut in VR. Immerse yourself in the world of the undead Nazis as a Deadhunter, a member of elite squad fighting to end the apocalypse!

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2)


Coming in Soon | announced on:

genre(s): rhythm / music / melee combat

Introducing a thrilling new VR rhythm game centered around melee combat! Choose from a diverse selection of melee weapons and utilize the power of music as the foundation for your choreography and fight techniques. Free demo now available on AppLab.

Meta AppLab

Secret of Retropolis (Vision Pro)

Coming in May | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / story rich

Port of famous story rich adventure, early released on major VR platforms is coming to Apple Vision Pro with separate port, adapted to headset's controls and features.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest

Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded

Coming in Summer'24 | announced on:

genre(s): killer simulator / stealth action

Fully reworked VR version of Hitman from the developers of Zombieland and Zombie Army VR). Build from the ground stealth action game, where you take role of assassin

Meta Quest

Zero Caliber 2

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): first person shooter / action

A sequel to popular PC VR first person shooter game with single player and co-op support, tons of weapons and cinematic action.


Metal: Hellsinger VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): rhythm / action / music

Experience the raw power of a metal-infused first-person action game that pits you against undead and fearsome creatures to the pulse-pounding soundtrack of heavy metal riffs. This game, once a traditional flat experience, is now reborn in VR, taking the intensity to a whole new level.

Meta Quest

Skera VR

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / puzzle / exploration

A single-player puzzle-solving action adventure from a small indie studio. Game is set up in fantasy steampunk-inspired world. Gameplay mechanics are focused on sword combat and solving different puzzles.



Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): tank battle / mixed reality

A mixed reality roomscale tank game with advanced vehicle combat experience right in your room. Game features PvP and Co-op modes. Already available on AppLab

Meta AppLab

The Burst

Coming on 01/08 | announced on:

genre(s): first person shooter

A sci-fi VR shooter, set up in a futuristic post-apocalyptic prison and containing a battle, low-gravity, parkour and hook mechanics, with wide range of weapons and interactive environment.


VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flighting / simulation / sports

A flighting simulator game with realistic physics, photogrammetry locations and support of Multiplayer and Single player modes from the creators of Ven VR Adventure

Supersonic Fight

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / multiplayer

New combat flight simulator with HOTAS and optional VR support, inspired by the classic Amiga game F/A-18. Game offers single-player and multiplayer modes.


Tea is Served

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / short story

VR horror interactive short comedy story, where you share an evening with different beasts like Wendigo, Loch Ness, Dracula and other scary creatures.

Astro Hunters VR

Coming in Q3'24 | announced on:

genre(s): exploration / action / sci-fi

An open-world VR action space adventure, where you explore alien planets and fight with dangerous creatures. Game features solo and multiplayer modes, where you can cooperate with your friends.

Skydance's Behemoth VR

Coming in October'24 | announced on:

genre(s): combat / story-driven

A story rich VR combat game set up in Forsaken Lands, an empire consumed by a devastating plague. Explore ruined cities and encounter deranged inhabitants as you uncover the secrets of this forsaken world.

PS Store (PSVR2)

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time (PS VR2)

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): story rich / adventure

Classic game, inspired by the original series, first launched on PS VR (1) several years back and later expanded to PC VR and Quest will receive a fresh PS VR2 version port soon with extended features.

Meta Quest PC VR (STEAM)

Metacity Patrol

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): sci-fi / open-world / action

A futuristic cop simulator for Quest inspired by Blade Runner and made under Aircar tech demo influence. You take a role of police officer of the future and your task is patrolling the streets and skies of Metacity



Coming in Soon | announced on:

genre(s): simulator / construction

From construction projects to complex requests, you have to effectively control the digger and satisfy the needs of your customers. Featuring 2 difficulty modes feautering also co-op gameplay, mini games, and other exciting features.

Alien: Rogue Incursion

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / story rich

Experience the terror of the Alien universe like never before with this new single-player action horror game in VR. Get up close and personal with the Xenomorphs as you navigate through a thrilling storyline.

PS Store (PSVR2)

Agent Simulator

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter

A Superhot VR and Matrix movie inspired fast-paced action game, where your primary task is killing agents in slo-mo enviornment and with special abilities. Game consists of short chapters and upgrade system.

Meta AppLab https://store.steampowered.com/app/1708050/Agent_Simulator


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / multiplayer

Fast-paced team shooter with focus on original weapon system


Coming in Aug'24 | announced on:

genre(s): futuristic / arcade / action

A futuristic aero bike simulator, where you'll be immersed in with shooting, challenges with a mission-based campaign with original cartoonish aesthetics and unlockable weapons, vehicles, and upgrades.


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / multiplayer

A co-op PvP arena shooter letting you build new areas of a map

House of Da Vinci VR

Coming in Late'24 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / puzzle

Experience the immersive world of our VR adaptation of a popular 3D puzzle adventure, set up in Italy of 16th century with objective to solve the great Da Vinci's mechanical puzzles and uncover the mysteries of his workshop.



Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / first-person shooter

A horror action shooter experience with impressive environments and scary creatures, build for Quest and already available for beta testing

Laser Dance

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / mixed reality

A new mixed reality puzzle game build over avoiding lasers in your room and reaching the button in the end. From the creators of Cubism

Meta Quest

HeliSquad: Covert Operations

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): helicopter simulator

A combat helicotper simulator from the creators of Warplanes: WW1 Fights and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

Ancient Board Games

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / co-op

A possibility to play ancient board games in your virtual reality headset

Spatial Ops

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): augmented reality / multiplayer shooter

An augmented reality multiplayer shooter for massive local multiplayer from creators of Blaston and Demeo. Open beta is available in SideQuest.

SideQuest Open Beta


Coming on 15/08 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / rally / simulator

New VR racing franchise with realistic physics and impressive visuals, build around racing on customizable buggy offroad vehicles. Game features single-player and multiplayer modes.


Aces of Thunder

Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / aerial combat

Realistic aerial combat simulator from the creators of War Thunder, exclusively for PS VR2


Coming in 2024 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / sandbox

A sci-fi open-world sandbox action game with adventure elements and some vibes of Blade Runner. You need to patrol streets of the future as a cop and fight with the crime.

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An official Superbike World Championship VR game with single/multiplayer modes, authentic mechanics of controlling motorcycle vehicles and competitive possibilities

MudRunner VR

Incredibly realistic visuals and stunning physics inside a best-looking vehicle simulator on Quest standalone devices