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Next Move

Coming on 30/11 | announced on:

genre(s): platformer / hand tracking

A platformer with unique mechanics matching the player's movements with focus on joystick-less control.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest

CookieRun: Chapter1

Coming on 30/11 | announced on:

genre(s): action / adventure

Your task is taking a role of freshly-baked cookie with a candy cane for escaping from Witch's castle and defending The Darkest Lord. Game is featuring 11 immersive environments and lots of mini-games.

Meta Quest

Elite Sniper VR: Winter Warrior

Coming on 30/11 | announced on:

genre(s): sniper sim / action / history

Sniper simulator set up in World War II period, where you have to play as Italian resistance partisan and sniper in a winter environment

Meta Quest

Prepare to Dive

Coming on 30/11 | announced on:

genre(s): mixed-reality / adventure

A mixed reality game, build around a submarine from 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea'. You have to collect treasures, explore infinite sea and fix your boat by troubleshooting issues.

Quest AppLab

Stranger Things VR

Coming on 30/11 | announced on:

genre(s): story-rich / adventure

A VR game based on Netflix series universe about extraordinary and paranormal things

Meta Quest


Arashi: Castles of Sin

Coming on 05/12 | announced on:

genre(s): stealth action / story-rich

A remaster of stealth-action game, exclusively released few years ago on Playstation. You take a role of elite shinobi, who eliminates the occupied castles from occupants, featuring melee and sword combat


Among Us VR

Coming on 05/12 | announced on:

genre(s): co-op / multiplayer

A VR interpretation of popular social cooperative multiplayer deduction game, build around completing specific tasks while having an imposter(s) in a team, that are trying to kill everyone.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest PS Store (PSVR2) PICO

LEGO Bricktales

Coming on 07/12 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / tabletop / arcade

A VR version of previously released as mobile and flat PC game, set up in 5 different LEGO-themed dioramas and featured as an unique Quest 3 game with extended support of Mixed Reality

Meta Quest

Arizona Sunshine 2

Coming on 07/12 | announced on:

genre(s): first-person / zombie / story-rich

A sequel to one of the first and best VR story-rich zombie shooters, with black humor.

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest

Vertigo 2 (PS VR2)

Coming on 12/12 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / exploration

A sequel for single-player adventure game set up in alien planet, that has been already released early this year on PC VR platform and now coming to PS VR2


Not for Broadcast VR (PS VR2)

Coming on 14/12 | announced on:

genre(s): story-driven / propaganda simulator

VR adaptation of original story-driven game about mass media propaganda. You take the role of censor, who will decide what is going to the feed. Quest version also expected.

PS VR2 Meta Quest PC VR (STEAM)

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2

Coming on 14/12 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / survival

VR adaptation of survival horror, made exclusively for PS VR2

Racket Club

Coming on 14/12 | announced on:

genre(s): sports / tennis / multiplayer

Another multiplayer arcade sport game, a tennis simulator, offering 1v1 and 2v2 challenges with your friends and online mates, nice graphics and original game mechanics

PC VR (STEAM) Meta Quest

HeliSquad: Covert Operations

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): helicopter simulator

A combat helicotper simulator from the creators of Warplanes: WW1 Fights and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

Ancient Board Games

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / co-op

A possibility to play ancient board games in your virtual reality headset

Spatial Ops

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): augmented reality / multiplayer shooter

An augmented reality multiplayer shooter for massive local multiplayer from creators of Blaston and Demeo. Open beta is available in SideQuest.

SideQuest Open Beta

Aces of Thunder

Coming in 2023? | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / aerial combat

Realistic aerial combat simulator from the creators of War Thunder, exclusively for PS VR2


Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / sandbox

A sci-fi open-world sandbox action game with adventure elements and some vibes of Blade Runner. You need to patrol streets of the future as a cop and fight with the crime.


Asgard's Wrath 2

Coming on 15/12 | announced on:

genre(s): first-person / narrative / story-rich

A sequel for the most epic, ambitious and one of the last AAA exclusives for Oculus Rift PC platform. A game continues the prequel in a fantasy mythology world with strong story line and wide range of game mechanics

Meta Quest

Tiger Blade

Coming on 22/12 | announced on:

genre(s): combat / first person action

Stylish, adrenaline-soaked combat game set up in an alternate Korea, where you take a role of assassin of the Tiger Clans. Developed by creators of Star Shaman

Neko Atsume Purrfect

Coming in Winter'23 | announced on:

genre(s): casual / collecting

VR adaptation of mobile cat collecting game with over 40 collectable cats, mixed reality support and

Horror Bar VR

Coming in Q2'2023 | announced on:

genre(s): zombie / bar simulator

From the description of developers, a frighteningly engaging family-friendly zombie bar simulator

PC VR (STEAM) Oculus Rift

Teahouse of Souls

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): relax / story

Relaxing VR game, build around listening to various souls and serving the appropriate tea. Cute companion included :) Free PC VR demo is already available on STEAM


Sand and Hand

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): indie / sand simulator

Relaxing indie sand simulator build around painting pictures with sand and making manual post-processing with your hands :)

Atlas Endgames

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): action / battle-royale

Another VR battle-royale game with wide variety of weapons and squad-based mechanics, already available on Meta Applab

Meta Quest

The Burst

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): first person shooter

A sci-fi VR shooter, set up in a futuristic post-apocalyptic prison and containing a battle, low-gravity, parkour and hook mechanics, with wide range of weapons and interactive environment.


UBOAT: The Silent Wolf VR

Coming in Fall'23 | announced on:

genre(s): simulator / co-op

A VR adaptation of a flat game, set up during World War II on a war submarine, allowing you to cooperate with your friends to face unexpected challenges in the deep of the sea

Meta Quest

Inter Solar 83

Coming in Q4'24 | announced on:

genre(s): space / exploration

A space exploration game with procedurally generated universe and narrative/story elements. Free demo version available now on STEAM!


Bounce Shot

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): sports

A family-friendly adaptation of a popular student game, where you have to put ping-pong ball to your opponent's cups. 3 different environments and

Meta Quest

CarX Rally VR

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / arcade

VR port of a racing game, early released on mobile platforms. Different modes, improved graphics and controls

Meta Quest

Warplanes: Air Corp

Coming in Dec'23 | announced on:

genre(s): flight simulator / combat

Another arcade combat flight simulator developed by creators of WW1 Fighters and Battles Over Pacific series of Warplanes. This game is focused on modern warfare

Meta Quest

Final Fury

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): action / multiplayer

Multiplayer fighting game with original combo system and stylized graphics from the creators of Synth Rider

Breachers (PS VR2)

Coming in Nov'23 | announced on:

genre(s): tactical shooter / co-op

Very cleanly made 5v5 tactical co-op multiplayer shooter, build from the ground for VR and early available on PC VR, Quest and PICO platforms

PC VR (STEAM) Quest Store PS Store (PSVR2)

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / mixed reality

A mixed reality game with concept related to building a racing tracks in your home and making mini cars racing and challenging on your track

Resident Evil 4: VR Mode

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): horror / first-person / story-rich

A VR adaptation of Resident Evil 4, made exclusively for PS VR2

Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway

Coming in SOON | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / narrative

Wallace & Gromit's first VR appearance warped up in an interactive adventure game with single-player campaign

Meta Quest

Paint the Town Red

Coming in early'24 | announced on:

genre(s): melee / fighting / brawler

Gore action melee brawler game with Minecraft-like squarish graphics


Brazen Blaze

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): multiplayer / action / shooter

Multiplayer 3v3 smack & shoot VR action with a heavy focus on close quarter melee combat from the developers of Tokyo Chronos


Wisdom Watcher

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / first person

An arena-based first-person VR shooter set in a clockpunk universe with elements of dark fantasy and wide range of weapons and enemies. Demo version is already available for PC VR and AppLab

Oculus Rift Meta Quest

Laser Dance

Coming on 31/12 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / mixed reality

A new mixed reality puzzle game build over avoiding lasers in your room and reaching the button in the end. From the creators of Cubism

Wallace & Gromit's Jamtastic!

Coming in SOON | announced on:

genre(s): mixed-reality / shooter

Funny free AR game in Wallace&Gromit's universe, that comes with another Wallace&Gromit The Grand Getaway VR story game, coming on Quest platform soon

Meta Quest


Coming on 31/12 | announced on:

genre(s): action / platformer

Action-adventure game set up in a dark fantasy setting, where you have to control 2 different characters simultaneously to survive and destroy your enemies

Quest Store
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Assassin's Creed Nexus

First Assassin's Creed VR implementation, that features 3 protagonists from other AC series and relevant epochs (Ezio at Venice from AC2, Connor and North America from AC3 and Cassandra at Greece from AC: Odyssey)

DEMEO: Battles

A duel version of Tabletop VR game DEMEO, that puts you into a diminishing arena to a mortal battle with your opponent