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Ornament Express

Coming on 06/06 | announced on:

genre(s): adventure / puzzle

Detective investigation story-rich game with puzzle elements, set up in a train in 1900s in Switzerland



Coming on 07/06 | announced on:

genre(s): fighting / multiplayer/ PvP

A free-to-play multiplayer PvP party brawler with arena and different class-based characters with unique abilities.


Undead Citadel

Coming on 08/06 | announced on:

genre(s): combat / first person rpg

First person role playing game set up in a medieval fantasy world, with realistic physics and combat mechanics, where you have to fight against undead



Coming in May'23? | announced on:

genre(s): action / shooter / sci-fi

First person sci-fi action-adventure game, released with stunning visuals on PC VR platform in December 2022 set up in alien world of the future.

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Pixel Ripped 1978

Coming on 15/06 | announced on:

genre(s): arcade / retro

Another chapter of Pixel Ripped series - a game that teleports you into classic arcade retro games world. This time you'll be able to get inside legendary Atari's games


F1 2023

Coming on 16/06 | announced on:

genre(s): racing / formula 1

Sequel of popular Formula 1 racing game, with VR support


Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

Coming on 22/06 | announced on:

genre(s): first-person / arcade

A classic 1987 arcade game, first person shooter about destroying the criminal organization, early released on consoles, coming as remastered version to PS VR2, Quest and Pico platforms and as a flat version on PC.



Coming on 22/06 | announced on:

genre(s): RPG / fighting / mediaeval

Dark fantasy action story-driven RPG initially build for VR. The game have with wide range of weaponry and arms, with crafting support


Dead Hook

Coming on 29/06 | announced on:

genre(s): shooter / demon slayer

Demonic atmosphere of DOOM meets fast-paced action with movements and jumps. From the creators of STRIDE and AGAINST

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7th Guest VR

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / story-rich / horror

VR remaster of classic masterpiece of 90th's, where you take a lead in helping damned souls stuck in a mansion and investigate the circumstances of a terrible secret of this place.

Meta Quest

Demeo Battles

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): tabletop / multiplayer / PvP

A stand-alone PvP game in Demeo universe: a co-operative tabletop board game set up in fantasy world. Demeo Battles extends the universe to duels between friends using original game's mechanics.

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I Expect You To Die 3

Coming in Summer'23 | announced on:

genre(s): puzzle / adventure

Another chapter of humor spy story-rich puzzle game, build up with new game mechanics, original puzzles and spy challenges watered down peace of black humor.

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Powerwash simulator VR

Coming in 2023 | announced on:

genre(s): relaxing / washer simulator

Very authentic relaxing simulator, where you have to use power washer with water under pressure to wash dusty and dirty surfaces and objects. VR adaptation of early released flat game

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